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Outside General Counsel

The attorneys at Smith Hudson Law, LLC provide businesses with the general counsel they need without the cost of hiring in-house counsel.

Outstanding Representation Without Exception

Businesses, no matter the size or industry, need legal counsel for the myriad of issues they face, from employment matters and government investigations to contract drafting, review and negotiation. Hiring full-time in-house counsel is often not possible or practical. Smith Hudson Law, LLC, provides businesses with the legal counsel they need without being on the company payroll. This way, companies have a trusted adviser who knows and understands their business before legal issues arise and can guide them to most effectively avoid the pitfalls that lead to more serious legal problems.

Smith Hudson, has extensive experience advising businesses on all types of issues, from employment matters to contract drafting, review and negotiation, as well as representing companies in responding to certain government investigations. We can help and advise your business with the following:

  • Contract drafting, review and negotiation
  • Government investigations and complaints
  • Employment law
  • Employee handbook, policies and procedures
  • Intellectual property agreements and issues
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Training and education

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